Live From A Lonely Place (CD)


Live From A Lonely Place (CD)


Recorded at home (in the barn) just a few weeks after his heart surgery, this retrospective collection includes songs from the earliest Felice Brother days, Duke & King favorites, and the traditional Celtic waltz ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ arranged by Simone. Naked as the day you were born, these stark recordings cut to the bone, revealing the essential brilliance of the songwriting, the poetry, like a ghost in the attic, like a wind at the door.


  1. If You Ever Get Famous
  2. Don’t Wake The Scarecrow
  3. Union Street
  4. O’Gloria
  5. The Morning I Get To Hell
  6. Mercy
  7. Your Belly In My Arms
  8. Summer Morning Rain
  9. All When We Were Young
  10. The Devil Is Real
  11. One More American Song
  12. Wild Mountain Thyme
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