"These are songs of memory and regret, of reminiscence and desire, songs that reflect on love and childhood and Americanness and, more than anything, on time passing…each song somehow sounds like a classic, each live performance suggesting we are in the presence of a rare, fiery brilliance."

"This album is so authentic, it's strangely uplifting, it's almost like you're greeting the sunrise."

"Dylan and Leonard Cohen are brought to mind, such is the depth of emotion wrought by Felice's careful approach... Shows the power of music to lift your spirits and make your heart full – absolutely fantastic."

"The best of this year and beyond."

"A quiet anthem for our times."

"Nothing shackles Felice."

"There is a boldness to Simone's writing, the fierceness and fearlessness of complete honesty that pushes into places that simply take the breath away…some of his songs are so perfectly formed they sound like they might have been around forever... the best I have heard in a while, touching the hem of Dylan by way of Gordon Lightfoot…These songs are good enough to be sung by the whole world"



"Simone Felice wrote the most heart-wrenching ballad of 2009."