Black Jesus

A young marine returns from Iraq, blinded and scarred by a roadside bomb and harboring a terrible secret. Called Black Jesus by his fellow soldiers on account of his name being White and his birthday being Christmas Day, he has returned to his decaying home town to sit in the back of his mother's junkshop, pop OxyContin and try to forget what he's seen. Into his life one day rides Gloria, a mysterious young dancer who is fleeing darkness and violence of a different kind. Part love story, part protest at the broken promises lying at the heart of the American Dream, Black Jesus is a passionate, twisted hymn to the marginalized and forgotten.


Hail Mary Full Of Holes

*Out of Print. Call her Mary Washington, a seventeen-year-old saint in hookers clothes who, out of the suffering of her life, comes at last to heed the wild unvanquished whisper of the half-black, half-Cherokee blood coursing through her. In this hard but beautiful fable-noir for a new American century, we stare into a shocking portrait of that curious moment where violence gives birth to grace and true kindred beauty is discovered between the most unlikely of souls. Here is a story of deliverance, a timely meditation on fate and faith and bondage in which young Americans wade through the political and spiritual wreckage of their land hunting a myth called love. For Felice's prophecy is plain: Without it the world dies.


Goodbye, Amelia.

Amelia Fisher, in the haunting opening novella, is a young woman plagued by loss and the abandonment of her dreams, who must learn to find her own way in the world. These themes take on new shape in the dark but ultimately redemptive closing section - a hallucinatory flight into the landscapes of human folly and love.